About HCMA


The Hartford County Medical Association is a professional association representing physicians from every medical specialty and practice setting as well as medical students, interns and residents. For more than 230 years, HCMA has been at the forefront of current medicine, ensuring that its members are represented in the areas of public policy, government relations and community relations. Through its advocacy efforts in both Hartford County and with the statewide Connecticut State Medical Society, your physician leaders and staff strive toward a common goal–that you might spend more time treating your patients and less time worrying about the challenges of managing a practice.


The Hartford County Medical Association (HCMA) will be the premiere medical association that Hartford County physicians rely on for their professional needs and that the healthcare community respects and trusts to advocate for the sacred doctor-patient relationship.


The mission of the Hartford County Medical Association is:

  • to promote and represent high-quality medical care on behalf of and through its members; to that end to cultivate and advance education in the art and practice of medicine;
  • to endorse and support the highest standards of professional integrity, honor and courtesy within the medical profession and;
  • to work with the community and its representatives for the improvement of health for all people within Hartford County; to that end to be involved in the development of sound public policy.


  • Perseverance
  • Integrity
  • Excellence


Professional Practice: Hartford County physicians have the decision making authority to ensure delivery of quality patient care and fair reimbursement.

Community/Patients: HCMA leads a unified healthcare front by fostering optimal collaborations among physicians, patients and the community.

Governance/Infrastructure: The HCMA governance structure provides operational excellence for the growth and benefit of its diverse membership.