HCMA/CSMS Unified Membership

The Hartford County Medical Association is only as strong and powerful as the physicians who choose to belong. When you join HCMA, you join a network of over 2,200 Hartford County physicians and over 7,200 Connecticut physicians who are working together to achieve a unified health front and fight against unfair payment practices, restrictions on physician autonomy and more.

You can choose to be a highly active HCMA/CSMS leader who analyzes and develops policy, or you can simply elect to stay informed on current issues and enjoy the many resources and benefits that come with unified membership. Either way, your membership demonstrates a true commitment to improving medicine and healthcare for all.

The bottom line is, when you join HCMA/CSMS, you hire a powerful staff to protect the way you practice medicine from legal, regulatory, and legislative intrusions. Your membership lets you focus on what’s really important: your patients.

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HCMA/CSMS will take care of any request you may have, big or small. If we don’t have the answer, we surely will find it. It’s like having an additional staff person working for you! If you took full advantage of the services and benefits available to you, you would more than compensate for your dues.

Here’s a brief listing of what HCMA/CSMS offers our members to help them save time and money.

HCMA Partnerships & Discounts

CSMS Benefits & Discounts

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